Look Around, See Inside

by Please Wait

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Recorded & mixed by Santi Garcia at Ultramarinos Costa Brava, SFG, 2015
Mastered by Victor Garcia at Ultramarinos Mastering, BCN, 2015

Artwork by Gerard Serrano
Cover photo by Àlex Tremps

Please Wait: Gerard, Manel & Borja


released October 31, 2016

the LP (clear w/ red splatter 140gr vinyl, die-cutted carpet) is co-released on:

-Saltamarges (ES)
-Hang The Dj! (ES)
-La Agonía de Vivir (ES)
-Caleiah (ES)
-Krimskamz (GER)
-Tief in Marcellos Schuld (GER)
-Dingleberry (GER)




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Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Costa Brava.

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Track Name: Hanging
You’ve taken more than I can stand today, familiar potholes you can’t dodge, there’s nothing new but now’s deffinitive he has grown faster than it looks. The biggest force on a small fit, there’s the strongest soul. Have knowledge when you are on count there’s no one can make you stop. Based on truth and lies over the edge.
Track Name: Northern Lights
You don’t talk I don't talk tonite, guess there’s nothing we can say to make us feel better, we don’t owe nothing real. In doubt as we are used to, I choose fiction over this flood of too much feel without sense, without mean, how safe you are.
Track Name: Transatlantic
Don’t say those things to me again. We are still young you are still beautiful, over all you’re holding my head, I can not think or fall asleep, I can not breath ‘cause overa ll you’re holding my head.
Track Name: Alf's Swimming Pool
Look sir, we don’t mean any trouble and we know that you’re just doing your job at all, but my friend and I coudn’t afford to pay the bill. And I don’t know if it means anything to you but we’re really sorry, and I hope that you’ve got the goodness in your heart to forgive us. Run across the forest just to know whats behind the next hill. In the Alf’s swimming pool everyday it’s gonna be the best one, swimming in the dark until everyone wakes up.
Track Name: Not Even Closer
Your stories makes me feel so sick, I’ve never felt so offended. No one is gonna find you if you never try something else. I’ve thougt about that my whole life, I used to cry with your jokes, there are some many ways to live but even more to get death. I don’t even care, there’s a long road ahead, it’s my decision just like hurting that comes and goes.
Track Name: Touch The Dirt (Richard's mind)
If you touch the dirt you get dirt. Our first olfactory memory was the warm asphalt, our first toys a stick and a stone. I learned by stretching my mind. I saw all my friends running down the hills. We are rats, we were spat trough the mouth of God, we grew up in seawers.
Track Name: Overdose
You treat us as a simulator of what we were supposed to be, so our lifes get overdosed, just can feel low frequencies. You still have a part of me, I want it back before you leave. Every step we made was in blind caught between different thoughts, and try again and carry on but everyday everything goes wrong. I trusted and you lied me.
Track Name: Greetings
All the other conversations are empty, you took the wait on, this is where I loose my mind looking for you into the crowd. I will never turn around, there won’t be a better way more fucking eloquence in every sound, if at last I loose my voice hope you can not break it less fucking eloquent in every sound. We’re all ready to start the game; break your roof with big stones so I know what I have lost, speak too less and think too much.